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Puppy Grooming Services 

Puppy Pamper Package

Suitable for Puppies once vaccinated.

This package is a set price of £90 and includes three, one hour* visits spaced no more than 3 weeks apart. 

The sessions will be led by your dog but we will aim to cover the following:

1/ Bath, Blow dry, Brush, Nail clip, Overgrown hair removed from around eyes

2/ Bath, Blow dry, Brush, Feet tidy, Hygiene trim (groin & armpits)

3/ Coat trim

*Certain breeds may require longer!

Individual Puppy Pamper

Suitable for Puppies in need of a Full Groom


Pre assessment and Health check

Bath & warm blow dry


Ears cleaned (plucked if required)

Hygiene areas trimmed

Nails clipped

Pads trimmed

Coat trim

Puppy Fresh Pawfume


From - £40

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